A Letter of appreciation

MICE Entrepreneur would like to thanks all who supported us in Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture 2017.

Because of Inday Patinos dedication and love for the Filipinos living in Sweden, she initiated this Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture and hoping to continue what she started if we all filipino will unite and help her with her vision. She is a trully icon for the filipinos in Sweden. She took the risk, effort and her own finances in organizing this events.


And thru Gods grace we received sponsorship from the following. RIA financial, Kaj Bilverkstad, Tavex group, Air Asia Travel of Ms. Letty Simpson. 

From the exhibitors, Painting Gallery headed by Ms. Grace. Karinderia ni Mang Dan and Marylen, Caroline Sari-sari store, Saladmaster, JP Kök & Bar, Hasse Munkar.


Inday would also thanks those who helped her making this event possible, her loving husband Cristian Patino, Caroline Fredriksson, Dan Mayor, Marylen Torres, Fiona Genetag, Chris Von Justice and Jack Friberg, Analee Belvis, James Jubelag and the April Fools Band. Our first Karaoke winners, Grisha, Marilou Johansson, JoDennis Ty, our Judges Hasse, Vivi, Dogge Doggelito. Our performers, Dogge and Primo, Benzin Fuel Rock Band, April Fools Band, JoDennis, Ronald for the firedance. For the fun-filled Pinoy games of Caroline Fredriksson. The Euroasian Dancers headed by Ditas Enström, The Attitude Dancers headed by Daisy Dalisay and Linda Fredriksson. Last but not the least, our fellow filipino who came to our events and supported us